Main Features

  • E-Commerce and custom webapp


The company started having issues with their old website which eventually led to a complete shutdown of their servor. Since The Healthiest Choice could not offer in-house dining during Covid-19, El Taco Lab had to come up with a new e-commerce solution as fast as possible. We managed to deliver an MVP (Minimum viable product) after 48 hours. We also built a custom webapp so the kitchen staff could better manage the incoming orders, the delivery routes and manually modify any part of the web.


Colour palette and Font

In the case of The Healthiest Choice, our client already had branding and we created the new website/ e-commerce using the same palette in order to keep brand identity and make the customers feel "at home" on the new website.
Pink is a great colour that represents love and kindness. In this case the love for healthy food and a healthy lifestyle combined with kindness to nature and customers.

Icons for Every Weekday

One of our designers created these icons, completely aligned with the branding, to focus on the simplicity of ordering a set lunch and to play with the concept of having one choice; The Healthiest Choice.



Landing Page

This project gave us the chance to showcase what we can do in just 48 hours. We kept the website and the online store clean and simple just like the product our clients offer. It is always important to us that the website already gives you a feel of the end product, they have to be aligned.

Online Shop

Customers cannot chose between menus and meals are planned at least a week in advance, therefore we wanted the menu to be the above showcased items so that our clients can focus on the amazing food and don't have to bother taking and uploading pictures for their menu items. The info can easily be edited and takes no more than 5 minutes to change.

Mobile Version

Since many people order food from the comfort of their phones, we made sure that the experience using a mobile device is just as good as checking out through a browser.


The Healthiest Choice experienced a boost in sales from the moment we published their new platform. The teams are also able to modify content on the platform (update the weekly menus, prices, blogs posts, etc.) without assistance. They will be growing in the future and will require features such as the translation of the website and potentially a new webpage for each new restaurant's location.

If you live in Barcelona and are looking for nutritious daily meals, don't hesitate to check out !

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