Main Features

Branding: A fresh, clean and minimalistic branding that is stylish and highlights the comapny theme.

Marketing Material: Creation of the in-house menus for the restaurant as well as flyers for the take-away branch of the company.

Website: A user-friendly e-commerce that allows for clients to clearly see all the products for sale and then purchase their order directly from the web as well as schedule an exact time for pick-up.


The company has grown to be one of the main sushi restaurants in Carcassonne, South of France. They had never previously worked on their branding or company image. In view of the current sanitary situation in Europe they have been pushed to build a platform for their clients to order and pay online rather than having to phone in or show up in person.

They hired El Taco Lab because of our previous work with other restaurants and our experience in creating e-commerces in record time.

E-Commerce creation

The website is of course also follows the branding of Sushi Sushi By Zoé.

The UX of the website is clear and the user is pushed towards the "Order" page with various CTAs (Call To Actions). This "Order" page allows users to choose and pay for the food as well as select a pick-up time fromt he restaurant. This allows the By Zoé staff to organise the orders as well as prevent crowds growing (prohibited during the sanitary crisis).

We also published the in-house Menu on the website for potential clients interested in previewing the food before going their reservation.

Logo option


Our team of designers wanted to keep the logo very minimalistic to reflect the Asian culture. The client wanted a logo that would include the full name of the restaurant as it would be also used as a printed sticker for the merchadising (paper bags, take-away boxes, etc.).

We implemented a font that highlights Chinese caliigraphy and drew in a portrait of a highly detailed asian woman that is in fact a portrait of Lyly, the owner of the brand.
During the process of creating the current logo, our design team came up with multiple ideas and mockups.

Marketing Material

The menus and flyers were designed following validation of the logo. We worked off the same colour palette and fonts to stay in line with the Asian-stlye baseline we created.

The in-house menu for the restaurant is a more classic style of Menu, spacious and stylish redacted over 6 pages.

The flyer however is a conterated version of the menu, fitting the entire menu on a A5 recto-verso including imagery for a visual aid to clients who are not familiar with Asian cuisine.

In-House "sit-down" Menu
Take-Away Flyer
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