Main Features

  • Video playback
  • (Limited) Login
  • E-Commerce
  • Chat between professors and students
  • Referral Programm with discount coupons
  • Download of documents
  • Control Panel with statistics


This is a picture perfect example of what El Taco Lab is all about! Our clients had a great idea and needed the right group of people to take their idea from the napkin to the web. The online learning platform that is SOS Academia is scheduled to launch in September this year to help students catch up on classes and review material before an exam and also practice with trial exams.


The original design

At first our clients went for red as a main color which tends to raise our heart rate and stimulate appetite. Generally a color that evokes strong feelings like love and passion.

The new design

The new design holds blue as a main color. WIth blue most people associate peace and calmness. It is also the "throat" chakra and is therefore related to communication, truth and self-expression. In the opinion of our designers a much better choice for a learning platform. Moreover in marketing, blue is used in corporate environments because it is a productive and non-invasive color and creates a sense of security and trust in a brand, which is something they want their future clients to feel.
With it being non-invasive we can be a little more sure that the students who will use SOS Academia are not destracted from learning and can fully concentrate on the respecting subject.

The Website

The design of the website is kept simple to put the focus on the study material and the online video classes.

landing page with easy-to-use login

The goal is to make the website as user friendly as possible without compromises in modern design and leaving out any important material or information.

simple and clear overview of the different years and classes

Navigation will be super easy for the clients of SOS Academia. By clicking through the years they see all the available courses and can book according to their studies.


An easy and safe checkout with card payment was implemented as well, supporting all major credit card providers.

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