Main Features

A fresh, clean and minimalistic branding that highlights the companies values.


The company has been ready to kick it off in Barcelona but did not have a corporate branding yet. They hired El Taco Lab because of our previous work with other companies.


Our team of designers wanted to keep the logo very minimalistic to reflect the German and Japanese cultures and their ingenuity. Furthermore, the business of dental prosthetics is one that has a high focus on cleanliness and accuracy. Therefor clear and straight lines portray this emphasis the most.
During the process of creating the current logo, our design team came up with multiple ideas and mockups.

The final logo

As you can see the minimalism of the logo is also reflected in the font following the motto of "less is more". To make everything more vibrant some color was added especially for the flyers and announcements. The business cards designed by El Taco Lab however are kept in monochrome colors. Especially for business cards it is nice to work with white so that one can write notes or additional information on it after a sales conversation.

The flyer designed by El Taco Lab
Protetica Dental's new business cards


Right after the delivery of the new branding, Protetica Dental implemented our designs and is about to kick off their sales year.

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