Main Features

  • Dynamic search
  • Review system
  • Admin dashboard
  • Transactional emailing
  • Marketing emailing
  • Authorisation set up
  • User create & edit
  • Photo,documents & video upload


MyTopLoc is a French startup, aiming to change the real estate renting industry. To achieve their ambitions, El Taco Lab was hired to develop the missing branding and webapp. The creation of a platform for their clients where there was not only a possibility to meet renters/tenants but also to rate their services was a crucial pain point, as to this day it is nonexistent on the market. Solving problems such as a clear brand identity and a fast webapp aligned to their values was a necessary step to boost business.


Style Sheet, MyTopLoc

The colour blue was chosen because it's perceived as a constant in human life due to the sky and the ocean being blue. From a marketing standpoint, the colour is associated with security and trust in the brand. In the seven Chakra philosophy, blue represents Vishuddha, the throat Chakra responsible for communication and truth.

Adding specs of yellow to the colour palette stimulates mental processes and the nervous system. This colour is part of the rating system which is at the core of the app's value proposition.

Colour Palette


Webapp prototyping in Figma

The Webapp

MyTopLoc Homepage
Look & Feel

It is always fun to work with other startups and entrepreneurs. MyTopLoc was still just a "napkin idea" and with this being their first website/app, we wanted to make sure the clients felt comfortable from the get-go. With a minimalist design and illustrations we managed to keep the brand casual.

The UI

It was important to both the client and us to make the product as simple to navigate as possible, to improve user experience and to increase conversion. Alongside the colour palette and an easy-on-the-eye font we perfectly aligned the webapp with the company's values.

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Soon after the delivery of their brand new website, MyTopLoc caught the attention of the local media and was featured in a newspaper and on radio. Since then, their following is growing and the company reached new heights.

Further Projects

MyTopLoc recently hired El Taco Lab to boost their SEO and therefore grow their database. Our SEO talents have built a customised strategy for the brand which is being deployed as we speak. Results will be posted soon.

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