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The real estate business in Barcelona is one of the toughest around the world, hence the reason why our client's online presence needed a do-over to show off their talent and professionalism.


Color Palette and Fonts

For Equinox we decided on the above shown colors for good reasons: green is a color that creates balance and harmony; from a psychological point of view, the balance between heart and head, which is important when deciding on a new home. You want to make a reasonable decision without neglecting the feelings an apartment evokes in you. Green is also the color of growth and renewal which also is a great fit for the industry.
Through the association of brown with the earth, the color stands for reliability, dependability and safety, just like the realtors you will be working with and the houses you will be living in.

The old logo (left) and the new logo (right)

One of our graphic designers accepted the challenge of creating a new logo for Equinox. The new logo should give a modern, elegant and minimalistic feel without going too far away from the original. This is not always easy but in this case our client was more gthan happy.


The Website

Landing Page

Potential clients are greeted with a video which gives the feeling of arriving at home. It was very important to give the entire website a clean and modern feel without losing the emotional value of architecture.


It is needless to say that a well working mobile site is a main feature of an established online presence. Equinox's clients can now look for their new home from wherever they want.

Example Gallery of an Apartment


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