How did El Taco Lab meet CouchBeef?

We met Alexandru, CEO of CouchBeef when our developers studied at the same Coding Bootcamp in 2019.

El Taco Lab accompanied CouchBeef from the very start of the project. Back in 2020 our startup specialists were hire to draw up a technical pitchdeck that the client could show to potential investors. We showed the potential that the webapp could have on users and how on scaling, it could be bigger and more user-friendly than the competition.

Couchbeef found investors rapidly and hired our dev team et El Taco Lab to build the MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Who and what is the platform for?

Anyone who likes FIFA and wants to show off their skills can join CouchBeef! All levels of gamers are welcome.

The goal of the app is to allow gamers to make and take bets on their FIFA skillset. Each user has a login where they must enter their gametag for the console they are using.  

Become a professional FIFA player from your couch.

Users choose their choice of console (Playstation or Xbox), create a bet amount of their choice, and then wait for another user to take that bet. When a bet is taken then a custom timer is set and on finishing the game, each player must enter the final score. In the case of a dispute of the score, then the app admin takes charge and puts a penalty on the dishonest gamer.

What steps did El Taco Lab take to start this project?

We began by drawing up wireframes of the whole logic, building different user scenarios. Then we got down to business and started coding! The Couchbeef team requested the webapp be built on a "mobile-only" view as the users will be exclusively using the app from their mobile phones while playing on their videogame consoles.

We were present from A to Z : Investor Pitchdeck, Wireframes and Development

We build the majority of our webapps on Ruby on Rails, giving our teams freedom to generate clean code that is easily scalable. As this is an MVP, this was for sure the best option and the results speak for themselves. The owner of Couchbeef requested a commission basis logic on each bet that allows him to maintain the platform and keep peace when their are disputes between 2 gamers.

Next steps for the project?

Gain traction from all you FIFA players and move away from MVP stauts by building on design and scaling to new heights and audiences by adding more games to the deck! Any requests? Maybe Fortnite or Call Of Duty... stay tuned to find out!

Next Steps? To add more games to the deck! Any requests? Maybe Fortnite or Call Of Duty?

CouchBeef will be live for taking bets in the upcoming weeks but you can already go and check out the platform and let us know what you think!

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