Business has changed, perhaps forever, due to Coronavirus. But change doesn’t mean failure. As more data emerges and trends become apparent, there’s plenty of room for all sizes of businesses to adjust to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and weather the storm by having an e-commerce website.

Let’s admit that consumer habits have shifted to e-commerce channels. Many small businesses have reacted by reducing or suspending operations and are already feeling the toll on their bottom line.

You need to have an adequate website because your customers expect you to have one

Most people we talk to are at least a little curious (and sometimes skeptical) about the idea of starting or boosting their online business. There is much said about doing business on the internet and to many it may just sound too complicated or too risky. But there are so many great reasons to start selling and running your business online. Here are El Taco Lab’s top 3 reasons why you should establish an online presence for your offline business:

1. Improving your company image

This alone is, or at least should be, reason enough to take the leap and create a new website. It's an extremely important factor considering that without an efficient website, blog or social media prospective clients could begin to wonder how serious you are about your business. Today, companies of all sizes and industries are establishing a successful online presence.

If you don't have this then you can't expect your prospects to take you seriously and you will lose business to competitors that do have an effective e-commerce website. We believe, quite frankly, that you need to have an adequate website because your customers expect you to have one.


2. Better customer support

The internet allows you to answer questions and solve customer problems and this without taking any of your time. On your e-commerce website you can create a product sheet or a FAQ section once, and from that you can direct clients to that information for years. Not only will this save you time, but you’ll be providing a better service. 

Don’t forget that many people will want to do their research about you online before potentially contacting you directly and lots will be on different time zones to you, but your website can operate as your 24/7 tool to answer questions and generate leads or sales.


3. Target the global market

Without a website you are limited to the number of individuals who can visit you at any given time, let alone find you. With a good website, you can have thousands - tens of thousands! - of people visiting your online store at once. 

The potential for your company has no bounds, you can expose your products and services to an unlimited number of interested people but being able to have thousands of visitors and actually having them are two different things. The success of an online business depends on the same thing as any offline business: the quality of your marketing. Social media, SEO tools, etc. there are so many ways to increase traffic and drive your e-commerce website to the top of the list of prospects.

So what's the conclusion to this? For us at El Taco Lab we believe that unless you’re a business owner who is not interested in growing their brand, you need to have a great website.

We help businesses of all shapes and sizes to grow their website, whether it be a simple store, an e-commerce or a more complex webapp. Contact us at, we would love to talk about how we can help you!

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